Understanding Photography Exposure Options

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The Exposure Triangle

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In some lighting situations, the camera can’t select settings that produce an optimal exposure in the P, Tv, or Av mode, however. Because the meter indicates the current Exposure Value in those modes, the camera alerts you to exposure issues as follows:

  • Av: The shutter speed blinks to let you know that the camera can’t select a shutter speed that will produce a good exposure at the aperture you selected. Choose a different f-stop or adjust the ISO.
  • Tv: The aperture value blinks to tell you that the camera can’t open or stop down the aperture enough to expose the image at your selected shutter speed. Your options are to change the shutter speed or ISO.
  • P: Both the aperture and shutter speed blink if the camera can’t select a combination that will properly expose the image. Your only option is to change the ISO setting.

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@2019-09-30 12:18:08

To get the good exposure, you need take a lot practice to get familiar with the relationship among aperture, shutter and ISO settings in MANUAL mode, additionally and optionally using exposure compensation when using APERTURE and SHUTTER prority modes and gettting that white balance right.

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