Circular Polarizer Filter Options

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@2018-07-07 13:08:57

Polarizers are not cheap filters (when compared for example with UV filters) and that they get more expensive the bigger the lens diameter that you have. As a result you might want to just buy them for select lenses, for example the lenses that you typically use for landscapes and outdoor photography.

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@2018-07-07 13:10:41

Polarizing filters are typically thicker than regular filters and therefore can result in unwanted vignetting. Also avoid using a polarizing filter on ultra wide-angle lenses. You might end up with a partially dark sky that will be tough to fix in post-processing.

In some high-contrast situations it might be necessary to stack a polarizing filter with a neutral density filter.

photoling 500 - 1998
@2018-07-07 13:12:38

A key feature you should always look for in high quality filters is MRC, which stands for “Multi-resistant coating”. No matter what brand you go with, always make sure that the filter comes with this particular coating. This anti-reflection coating is the key to getting little or no additional ghosting/flare in your photos.

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