Composition: Leading Lines Options

photoling 500 - 1998
@2019-02-11 13:33:51

One of the things that make a photograph successful is that it directs attention to the subject. This can be done with good lighting, muted backgrounds, or graphic design. An important design element that directs our attention into the heart of a picture is called a leading line. This is a line that usually begins at the bottom of the composition and extends into the heart of the scene, bringing with it our eye. This line can take many forms. It can be railroad tracks, a line of colorful flowers, a split-rail fence, a gravel road, and many other things.


photoling 500 - 1998
@2019-02-11 13:39:32

When you compose a picture such that it has a defined leading line, you shoule be aware that it’s important that you have complete depth of field . The foreground portion of the line should not be soft, and similarly, the background should be sharply defined, since the point of the leading line is to direct our attention to the subjects in the distance. Therefore, you should choose small lens apertures in the f/16-to-f/32 range, and that will almost always require a tripod. The reduced size of the aperture means that the amount of light is less, and therefore to maintain the same correct exposure the shutter has to be open longer.

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