Resize image when its size is too large Options

photoling 500 - 1998
@2017-07-20 17:06:15

Post a large image with width as 4100px and height as 2400px, this huge size makes the page layout looks very ugly.

amzphotoadmin 3 - 33
@2017-07-21 08:23:17

Nice suggestion.

The maximum width of a large image is set to 1024 for pc and 820 for tablet, and its height is resized accordingly.

Once the image is resized, you can click it to view the enlarged the image in-place. It will go away when you click second time.

Have a try.

amzphotoadmin 3 - 33
@2017-07-28 23:49:45

Add an overlay to dim the background when zooming in the photo.

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