Using Auto Exposure (AE) Lock Options

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@2017-07-27 19:42:32

Clearing a locked exposure

Once you’ve pressed the AE Lock button, the camera holds the meter reading in place. If you change your mind and want to totally eliminate AE Lock, don’t press the AE Lock button again. That simply takes a new meter reading and locks it in.

Instead, either pull your finger off the shutter button and wait 4 to 6 seconds, and wait for the finder display to go blank. Then, press the shutter button back down again. If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to wait a few seconds for the reading to clear, press the AF point select button (right next to the AE Lock button, on the back of the camera), and then immediately let it go and press the shutter button again. You’re back to live metering that’s not locked in place.

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@2017-07-27 19:50:23

Extending the time for AE Lock Using Manual mode

As mentioned before, out of the box, EOS cameras will clear a locked-in meter reading if you remove your finger from the shutter button after 4 to 6 seconds. If you take a picture, it’s a little tougher: unless you keep pressing the rear AE Lock button, if you pull your finger from the shutter button, the reading will disappear within two seconds. Sometimes, this can make extensive use of AE Lock sort of challenging.

One answer is to simply make a note of the locked-in shutter speed and aperture, and put the camera into the Manual mode and apply the same settings. Once you’re in Manual mode, settings won’t change unless the photographer changes them.

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By default, your camera assumes you want everythingto have equal importance, then attempts to “expose for” whatever is in the scene . If you are more concerned with something than the scenery outside, you can simply pointed your camera down at your subject to get an exposure reading, press the Exposure Lock button to lock those settings, and recompose my shot to the original framing.

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