What Is The Best Focal Length For Shooting Interiors? Options

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Posted: Tuesday, January 1, 2019 11:48:09 AM

Real estate photographers find the effective focal lengths between 16mm and 24mm to be the “sweet spot” for shooting interiors. The most frequently used focal length for architectural photography is probably 24mm. That’s why tilt/shift lenses designed for photography are usually 24mm. The perspective distortion/volume anamorphosis distortion at 15mm and 16mm is huge. Perspective distortion/volume anamorphosis distortion is where objects in the extreme corners become way wider than the same object closer to the center of the photo. Also, circular objects in the corners become squished and don’t look round.

The most popular Canon full frame lenses for real estate photography are the Canon 16-35mm and the Canon 17-40mm (see the poll on my lens page). The wider lenses in the 10-20mm range are intended for crop sensor DSLRs that have a 1.6 or 1.5 multiplier on the focal length. This is why the Sigma 10-20mm lens (available for both Nikon and Canon) is so popular with real estate photographers, because with a 1.6 multiplier it allows you to work between 16 and 32mm effective focal length and it’s an inexpensive alternative.

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