Panning Photography: Capture Objects on the Move Options

photoling 500 - 1998
@2019-01-29 15:09:26

A telephoto lens that compresses perspective will create more dramatic effect than a wide angle will, which means the wide angle lens will require a longer shutter speed to create the same effect as a telephoto.

photoling 500 - 1998
@2019-01-29 15:10:25

When a car is driving towards you at speed, its visual speed in relation to where you’re standing will appear slower. Its speed will appear to increase the closer it gets to you, reaching its fastest when directly in front of you. The speed will then appear to decrease as it moves away. This change can also be represented aurally by the sound of a car driving past you. For this reason, your panning needs to mirror this ‘slow-faster-fastest-slower-slow’ change in speed. Panning at a constant speed will result in you missing the car as it passes by.

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